Residential Services and Initiatives

Norstar believes it is imperative to the long term success of a property to create an environment which fosters support and assistance for its residents. In line with this belief, Norstar tries to create partnerships with non-profit and other service providers within a given community and utilize every means to leverage existing community resources.

The following projects highlight Norstar’s innovation and skill in leveraging supportive services into its developments:

1630 Dewey, Rochester, New York – Norstar worked with Common Ground, the non-profit partner, to secure a variety of services for the residents ranging from counseling services, economic empowerment and self-sufficiency training, coordination of transportation, and various health and wellness services.

Gardenview Estates, Detroit, Michigan – Norstar provided financial support to the Communities of Hope (COH) non-profit, to provide both the adult and children residents at Gardenview with programs focused upon economic empowerment, wellness, academic achievement and recreation. Examples of some of the youth-oriented programs include computer training, after school tutoring, and semester-long report card contests. Nutrition and cooking classes, financial literacy and periodic wellness visits by health professionals have been some of the programs offered to adult residents.

Gulf Breeze, Punta Gorda, Florida – Services for senior residents include quarterly on-site visits by health care professionals offering health screening, flu shots, and vision and hearing tests. Norstar is also working with a group called Seniors Back to Work – an innovative non-profit program that places seniors at various places of employment at no cost to the business so seniors can learn new job skills.

Renaissance Preserve Senior, Ft. Myers, Florida – Working with the City of Ft. Myers, a daily meal program is offered to the senior residents. Similar to the Gulf Breeze site, health and nutrition classes are offered on-site and at no cost to residents. An example of a successful on-site project is the senior garden, which allows residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables. This project received financial support from Norstar, the County Extension office, and Home Depot.

Norstar Texas Properties – Norstar’s LIHTC properties in Texas have employed an innovative non-profit program, CARES by Apartment Life. CARES places a team at the Norstar properties to provide services such as after school tutoring/mentoring, a weekly library reading hour in the community room, and coordinates with local food pantries and other supportive service agencies. The support network that the team utilizes includes Job Bank USA, Catholic Charities/United Way, Interfaith Housing Coalition, YMCA, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters Club.