Norstar Development Wins $30 Million Federal Grant for Flint, Michigan Housing

By Jonathan D. Epstein | Published July 24, 2018 | Updated July 24, 2018

A Buffalo-based affordable housing developer has landed a $30 million federal grant for the redevelopment of an entire neighborhood in Flint, Mich., that will include mixed-income housing.

Norstar Development USA worked with the city of Flint and the Flint Housing Commission to obtain the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grants are highly sought-after and competitive within the affordable housing arena to support urban revitalization, and the Norstar grant was one of only five awarded.

Under the project – part of Flint’s “Transformation Plan” – Norstar will be responsible for developing 253 new “high-quality mixed-income housing units” for various income levels throughout the city, including 132 that will replace the public housing units of an existing “distressed and isolated” development that will be demolished, officials said. Tenants of that complex will be relocated.

“It is a privilege to be involved in the comeback of this great American city and we are humbled by spirit and resiliency of Flint and its residents,” said Norstar Vice President Lori Harris.

Founded in 1993 and operating in five states, Norstar has completed more than 1,200 units in Western New York, including 500 in partnership with the BMHA. It recently rehabbed the Waterfront Apartments near downtown Buffalo.